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Squadron Commander ESB

This classic English Special Bitter was developed for a 50 West Homebrew Club competition and is a crowd favorite. Squadron Commander is a delicious, drinkable English ale thatis not overly bitter at all. It is a standard British pub beer with a balance between the malty/biscuity flavor and the minimal/moderate hop bitterness from Willamette hops.

5.5% abv.


Coalition Saison

It takes a team to make this saison. American and Chilean malts provide the backbone with Belgian Saison yeast contributing a fruity character and twang that is spicy on the back end. We added American grown Amarillo, Columbus, and dry-hopped with Cascade to the right amount of bitterness and aroma to compliment this brew.

7.1% ABV


5 Round KO Barrel - Aged Amber Ale - 8.1% abv


Fix Bayonets! New England IPA - 6.7% abv


Pop Smoke Cherrywood-Smoked Porter - 5.1% abv


Salty NCO Gose - 4.3% abv

Coming Soon

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Entry Control Point Brut IPA

A fire team is the basic unit of infantry composed of three or four members. This Brut IPA is a tight, smooth, light IPA with low bitterness and steady hop aroma. For this team we enlisted three hops, Amarillo, Citra, and Galaxy working smoothly together to deliver fresh aromas that are right on target. Put this IPA up against our other IPAs and you will find a lighter body, lower bitterness, and huge aroma.

6.43 ABV

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Island Night Stout

We love stouts and with this one we bend the rules. We took characteristics of stouts we loved and made a hybrid. We wanted it dry with a lighter profile. We also wanted a clean fermentation, so we used a lager yeast and fermented it cold to let the malts shine through. Taste it cold and then again when it warms up for a spectrum of stout flavors. It is sessionable so you can have more than one.

4.6% ABV


Blue Force Tracker IPA

This IPA celebrates a symphony of hops. Maltiness fades to the background as aromas of citrus, floral, pine, tropical fruits and stone fruit are intertwined throughout every sip. The mouthfeel is medium and finish is clean, leaving only the lingering scent of the hops in your mind.


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Make It Happen Cream Ale

Aptly named first brew from Tucked Away celebrating our spirit of overcoming the many challenges in opening the brewery. Make It Happen Cream Ale is a clean American ale that is light, refreshing and drinkable, at 4.7% abv, it is not quite a session beer, but is a more flavorful beer than typical American lagers. It has low malt notes and almost no hop aroma with a few fruit esters in the background. The mouthfeel is light and crisp with a thirst-quenching feel to each swallow.

4.7% ABV

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Not My Problem IPA

Not My Problem is a favorite saying of a military commander who was resolute in pushing his subordinates to succeed on their own. This IPA is an adaptation and expansion of a classic West Coast IPA, with several specialty malts and strong Centennial, Mosaic and Citra hops. It is moderately strong, moderately bitter, and slightly malty with lovely classic Citra hop aroma.

7.4% ABV

Fourth Point of Contact Double IPA

Tango Alpha Belgian Tripel - 8.9% abv

Local National Jalapeno/Cilantro - 5.2% abv

Local National American Pale Ale - 5.2% abv