Our Story

Tucked Away - We love the small brewery atmosphere and wanted to create a place that is intimate and welcoming. Where fans of beer can come and discover hidden gems (beers) at a place that doesn’t feel like a bar. Tucked Away is our perfect hidden spot where our beer-loving friends can get fantastic beer in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.  




The Meaning Behind the Logo:

Getting to beautiful beer is always a challenge. The maze exemplifies the odyssey of finding good beer and the reward when you have. There are many ways to find the perfect beer. The star is reminiscent of both military service (gold star, etc.) and represents success in getting to your goal.

Meet the Crew


Graeme S. Henderson


It all started with "Why can't I find better beer?" Graeme Henderson has a problem with overtasking himself. After retiring from the Air Force as a Colonel at 22 years, he took a job at the Marine Corps in the Pentagon. On top of that full-time job, he cares for two college-age kids, a boy and a girl, and trains regularly to race triathlons (swimming, biking and running - 6 workouts a week). With some free time he develops Tucked Away recipes on his home-built 10 gallon automated brewing system. With what was left of his free time, he partnered with Pete Lex in renovating and then opening Tucked Away, a brewery dedicated to fantastic beers in a comfortable setting. Graeme brings to Tucked Away the experience of seven years of home brewing and hundreds of brews. His beers have received acclaim at home brew club and regional competitions and many of the beers on tap at Tucked Away are those recipes.


Pete Lex


Pete Lex grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has spent the last 20 years as an active duty Security Forces Officer in the U.S. Air Force. With the military he has traveled the world and taken many paths leading to some amazing "tucked away" places. He bought his first home brew kit in 2012 at a warehouse store and has been brewing ever since. He developed a true love for the art and science of brewing. In 2015, Pete joined a home brew club where he met Graeme and they began dreaming of someday opening their own brewery. In 2018, that dream became reality. When not busy with his Air Force job or working in the brewery, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and three rambunctious children.


Graeme V. Henderson

Taproom Manager, Assistant Brewer

Yes, he is the son of the owner, but he likes to think of himself as a young, second-generation connoisseur of the nectar of the gods. From all of the brewing in the Henderson household over the years, Graeme has been spoiled into thinking that a nice double IPA with a mountain of dry hops is just a normal Saturday drink. His experience with a vast number of styles of beer and his passion for good beer makes him ideally suited to be the lead bartender at Tucked Away.

When not at Tucked Away, Graeme is a student at George Mason University studying business management. If you see some books lying around the brewery, they're probably his! When you see him behind the bar (which will be all the time), he loves to talk about beer, local breweries and life, so give him a shout!